Gullesfjord Camping is situated in the middle of an area with several opportunities for the active, the natural and the adventurous.

Year around fishing

Many tourists are drawn to the sparkling fjord and the opportunity to catch their own fish. Gullesfjord is well-known for its good fishing – in both summer and winter. During the summer season, when the coalfish are biting, we have boats for hire. During the wintertime, we fish through the ice, and at this time of year, it is usually codfish that are landed.

Other anglers prefer to fish for salmon, char and trout in the watercourses. For freshwater fishing, our campgrounds are an excellent starting point for fishing outings in the area. Rivers and mountain lakes are abundant in our area, and we sell fishing licences for all of the watercourses in the local area.


Gullesfjord Campingplass is a good starting point for those who hunt ptarmigan in the fall. Hunting cards are sold at reception.

Hiking in summer

For the active and adventurous, Gullesfjord Camping is perfect. The campsite is a good starting point for hiking with various difficulty.

If you are particularly interested in birds, the outer side of Vesterålen is an Eldorado where you are able to spot and approach many rare bird species.

Hiking in winter

Mountain hikes, whether long or short, offer majestic natural panoramas. If you have brought along the proper clothing and equipment, we recommend an overnight outing to the Snytind cabin or to Toralfsbu. The key can be collected from the local hiking association.

Adventures in Vesterålen

Whale watching

Spot the kings of the sea.

The Queen’s Route

Walk the well-known hiking trail named after Queen Sonja. One of Norway’s most beautiful hiking trails.

Museum of Hurtigruten

Get to know the history of Hurtigruten.


Get a unique insight in the production of salmon and trout in one of Norway’s most beautiful regions (kid friendly).